Our List of Services is as follows: [click to view image of service]

Water Proof:
Tile roof, metal roof and slabs.
Thorough preparations on all surfaces contact me for a detailed application.

Damp Proof:

House walls, boundary walls: - depending on the cause of damp will determine on what procedure is necessary. Contact me for a detailed application for your specific needs.

Roof Coating: metal roof...
1) High pressure wash to entire metal surface.
2) Brush grinding to entire metal surface.
3)Re-alignment of lifted sheets not caused by building defects.
4) Latex seal to all flashings, over lapping sheets, roof screws and any object coming through the roof.
5) Metal prima to entire metal surface two coats.
6) First coat of coating to prescribed color.
7) Second coat of coating to prescribed color.
8) Any rust holes will be covered with metal prima. Overlays pop riveted and fibre seal.
Depending on condition of roof, it may require excessive waterproofing. Waterproofing has 3-year guarantee.

Roof Coating: tile roof...
1)High pressure wash to roof tiles.
2)Re-align roof tiles where they have moved out of place.
3)Apply Acrylic Resin to ridge of roof tiles.
4)Latex seal all flashings, chimneys,ovp’s and geyser outlets.
5)In the case of Fungi growth, we will get rid it through a non toxic chemical treatment.
6)First coat is Acrylic penetrating sealer.
7)Second coat roof coating to colour.
8) Third coat roof coating to colour.

If extra waterproofing is necessary fiber impregnanted latex will be used in combination with other necessities .

Wall Coating:

Gutters Recoats:
We will brush grind off all existing paint. Then apply rust convertor to rust areas. Then apply Prima to the gutters and apply two coats of enamel.

Facia Recoats:
Sand the facia area to a smooth finish. Application of Prima. Apply two coats of paint.

Rotten wood replacement:
Wood which is replaced is treated protect against weathering.

Facia Board / Barge board replacement:
Facia board and Barge boards reattached with screws and filler to obtain a smooth finish.

Crack Repairs:
Cracks opened with grinder. Prepared with bonding liquid or plaster key. Fill crack area with Profill or plaster mix with coprox mixed in.

Skim Plastering:
Plaster mixed with Coprox applied to areas where plaster is high pressured washed off.

Hydro Washing Walls:
High pressure wash that can be adjusted so that you can strip defective plaster or wash surfaces clean.

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